DIY Brass Table Mirror


A useful beauty assistant in the bathroom or decorative accessory in the bedroom, this minimalist brass table mirror is a real eye-catcher. In this case, good design is not expensive, it is self-made.

Beautiful design is that easy

The combination of a simple round mirror and the particularly elegant and trendy material of brass for the stand creates a shiny design object with that certain something. Let yourself be surprised how easy it is! 

That’s how it works:

Time required:  20 minutes 
Materials:  1x sheet brass with the dimensions 10 cm x 30 cm, 0.5 mm thick, 1 x round mirror tile with 15 cm diameter, adhesive pads. You also need a ruler and scissors. 

Step 1: In the first step, the mirror base is made. For this, the brass plate is bent vertically at the desired angle with a little pressure. 

Attention: The brass plate can be quite sharp-edged. In order to avoid the risk of injury, you should work carefully.

For the straightest possible result, it is advisable to use a ruler. This is attached at a height of 12 cm and fixed with one hand. With the other hand the brass is pressed up against the ruler until a 90 ° angle (or more) is reached. 

Tip: One side of the brass plate has a protective film against scratches and fingerprints. For a clean result: Make sure that the foil is on the outside of the stand.

Step 2: The ruler is then placed 8 cm after the first bend and fixed with one hand. The brass is pressed up against the ruler with the other hand. If you are satisfied with the result, you can remove the protective film.

Step 3: Mark the place on the back of the mirror where the brass plate should be glued. Now distribute four adhesive pads.

The pads can also be cut into pieces for better positioning. Press the mirror firmly onto the brass plate in the desired position for a few minutes. Et voilà!